Winter Classic 2008

Tournament rules

The following tournament rules are in effect for the Winter Classic 2008.


For a serve to be considered legal, it must hit the opposite wall between the midfield players before touching anyone else. If the ball rolls into the goal before touching any players, the goal is disallowed and the ball is served again by the same team that just served.


Players are allowed a single free rotation (up to 2 π radians) before making contact with the ball. The rotation must be controlled, and no spinning is allowed. If a player is caught spinning, the first infraction will result in a warning. For each additional violation, a penalty will be awarded.


Penalties will be awarded for repeated spinning violations. A penalty is taken by placing the ball in front of the center attacker. The defender is allowed to use only his or her goalie. The attacker can then shoot, but may only touch the ball once. So, for example, the gancio and reverse european are not allowed.


Preseason is a round robin with the two teams with the best record advancing to the semifinals. If there is a tie, then the winner of the head-to-head between the tie determines who advances. If there is more than one tie, then goal differential determines who advances.


The semifinals and the little final are best 2-of-3, while the final is best 3-of-5.

Preseason results

Group A Hans/Ward Jimmy/Danny Dario/Severini Valentina/Francesca Costas/*
Hans/Ward 10-1 7-10 10-1 10-2
Jimmy/Danny 1-10 10-4 10-4 10-6
Dario/Severini 10-7 4-10 10-0 10-7
Valentina/Francesca 1-10 4-10 0-10 1-10
Costas/* 2-10 6-10 7-10 1-10
  • Bruno didn't show up, so Costas was assigned a random partner from Group B.
Group B Simone/Etera Flo/Joe Steve/Ralph Daniele/Henson Rolando/Razvan
Simone/Etera 10-3 10-3 10-2 10-1
Flo/Joe 3-10 10-5 10-0 10-0
Steve/Ralph 3-10 5-10 10-4 10-4
Daniele/Henson 2-10 0-10 4-10 7-10
Rolando/Razvan 1-10 0-10 4-10 10-7


Main Final
Little Final
Hans/Ward 10 10
Flo/Joe 6 7
Simone/Etera 10 10
Dario/Severini 6 7
Little Final
Dario/Severini 10 10
Flo/Joe 6 8
Hans/Ward 10 10 10
Simone/Etera 8 5 7


Player Gamelles
Joe 2
Hans 1

Live Blogging of the Tournament results
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