Occasionally, the ∏ foos players hold tournaments to determine who the best players are.

∏ cup 2006, "1st Memorial Florian Girelli"
(main article: ∏ cup 2006)

Oscar and Joe lose to Hans and Ward in one semifinal, Simone and Etera trash Doug and Jonathan in the other.

Final score, Hans and Ward 13, Simone and Etera 11.

∏ cup 2008
(main article: ∏ cup 2008)

Hans and Ward repeat their victory, defeating Simone and Etera in three straight games.

Winter Classic 2008, Simone Speziale Memorial
(main article: Winter Classic 2008)

To be held in the Bistro, November 18th, 2008.

∏ cup 2009
(main article: ∏ cup 2009)

Dario and Costas defeat Steve and Jimmy in the finals.

∏ cup 2010
(main article: ∏ cup 2010)

Steve and Dario defeat Simone and Valentina in the finals.

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