∏ cup 2008 gamelle controversy

This article presents an unbiased view of the gamelle controversy from the 2008 ∏ cup semifinal match between Dario/Severini and Simone/Etera.

In the second game or their semifinal match, Severini scored a goal where the ball came back out of the goal, but with near-zero momentum. The ball was so close to the edge that, since the match was on Joe's table, the goalie couldn't save the gamelle. But certainly, the ball couldn't cross the goalie bar, as it had stopped moving. Just before the controversial goal, the score was 6-8 (S/E leading), so the outcome of the decision may well have helped decide the game.

Simone and Etera's argument

Simone and Etera maintained that the definition of a gamelle required that the ball pass the goalie bar before it could be considered a gamelle. Since Severini's goal did not meet this criterion, it therefore should not be counted as a gamelle.

Steve's argument

Steve argued that the definition of a gamelle was simply any ball that came back onto the field of play after going into the goal. By this definition, Severini's goal was definitely a gamelle. Because of the unique geometry of Joe's table, this gamelle could not be saved. It was a dead ball and should be placed in the corner. If they could manage to put the ball in the corner and save the gamelle before it crossed the goalie bar, then they would save the gamelle, but otherwise the ball would be back in play, and the gamelle would count.

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