Pi Cup 2006

The ∏ cup 2006, "1st Memorial Florian Girelli"

The uncanny event. The shiny cup bought from a trophy store. Oscar and Joe losing to Hans and Ward in one semifinal. Simone and Etera trashing Doug and Jonathan.

The big final, recorded by Bruno on camera: best of 7 games, table in the bistro, special pizza night. Simone and Etera go up 2-0 easily, decide to let them win a game to entertain the fans, the bastards get more convident and go up 3-2. Simone and Etera boiling in anger come back to 3-3. The final game is so tense you can get electric shocks from the table. One goal by one, until 9-9, goes on, until on the 12-11 point for Hans and Ward, a perfect sourcegoalie-parasite from Hans crashed Simone and Etera's dream.

Some pictures from that night follow…


Joe H: Is it possible to sue someone if you are blinded by their shirt?

The winners:

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