The penetrator is a straight goal scored from defense, without rectification. If launched accurately from the sweet spot, a penetrator has a good chance of scoring. Failure to shoot from the sweet spot is usually due to either naivete or audacity, with the former frequently leading to the parasite.


Special forms of the penetrator include the nail, the humiliating penetrator, the anal penetrator, and even the humiliating anal penetrator. This last one is rarely achieved, and is almost certainly the result of gross negligence on the part of the defending team. More common are the "slow penetrator", and the "change up" or the cherry popper. A slow penetrator is just a penetrator that is too fast to be a humiliator, but still pretty slow. The change up is a penetrator that is only slightly slower than several previous attempted penetrators; the change in speed is often hard to compensate for in defense. Penetrators that are shot with a substantial angle are often called diagonals.

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