1 October 2008

For the first time on record, Simone crawled today (together with Razvan). They were playing on the blue side against Steve and Costas in red.

23 July

The much-awaited Second Annual Girelli Memorial Tournament is finally here. The action will be today at JG Joe's place, unless the weather is not suitable for outside play. Tension is high. Who knows what epic conflicts the evening will bring. Will the switch to JG Joe's table prove decisive? Can O'Brien beat any of his own records? Let battle commence!

27 June

The PI table is withered, faded and bent. Ward has abused the poles to almost to death with his meteoric strikes. It has been proposed that for a mere $50 or $60 per person we could replace it with a brand spanking new table of great quality.

Register your consent to this idea here!

I vote we try to get PI to buy us a new table. (steve)

26 June

Latest news: unfortunately our crude language made us lost the ad from the newsletter that i had been working on… :-( Simone

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