Jimmy Ryan is a talented tactician, known for his defensive snap attack. He likes to mix it up, with the odd Reverse European, an Equilateral Triangle, and succulent Cherry Popper on occasion.


Erstwhile, referred to affectionately as "Jimmy the Grease" in his Cambridge days, on coming to PI he graduated to the more illustrious titles of "Jimbo" or "Jimbono", or "El Jimborino" if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Known for

Encouraging fellow players with such perorations as: "Gimme some love"; "I'm going to triangulate your ass, hard."; "Nothing says I love you like a good fast gancio." (In fact, that and more are available on the Naxos label under the release "The Anals of Ryan: Sweet Celtic Eructations", Limited Edition, CAD$24.99.)


His specialty is to scream like a siren, thus enticing his wayfaring opponents into an amorous haze, before treating them to a sharp quick defensive penetrator. Has on occasion been known to utilise the Slow Gamelle.

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