It all started one forgettable day in the spring of 2004, when Joe and Flo noticed a second class foosball (aka, baby foot, or biliardino) table while they were drinking at (filthy) Phil's. After many more drinks and some idle spectating they finally took on the table masters and proceeded to receive a merciless spanking… Fortunately there was no "crawl" rule in effect at that questionable establishment!

Having too much time and money to squander, and an ego to soothe, Joe immediately bought a foos table to fill some of the vacant space in his uptown waterloo apartment. Ah those heady days of the summer of 2004, research in quantum information and quantum gravity came to a stand still for Joe, Florian, Etera, and Ernesto…. but it was the dawn of the age of ∏ foos.

The ∏ biliardino

In the fall of 2004 ∏ got it's new building, and with the support of Michele (former Cambridge foos champion and master of the gancio), the new ∏ building came with it's most important feature, a garlando foos table.

Joe, Ernesto, Florian, Oscar, Etera, Michele, Antony, Doug, Harold, Bruno, Jonathan, Matt, Hans, Ward and others spent many days and nights in the ∏ kitchenette, the original locale of the ∏ foos table.

Soon thereafter Simone arrived and quickly become a significant force in the foos community.

These days

With Flo, Oscar and Etera gone, the landscape of ∏ foos talent has altered significantly. Ward and Hans, while still dangerous, are playing less frequently, and when Hans is not around Simone can not find anybody to really challenge him on one-on-one. The game is becoming boring…

The idea of the Wiki

Many people over the years suggested keeping track of games, writing down rules and nomenklature, and some efforts were put forward.
But it is only with the advent of Steve, the geekiest physicist around, that it all got enhanced to a new fantastic level.
Steve is also so eager to play and learn, that I'm not surprised if one day I'll need to start playing seriously to keep him under 5 points… (Simone)

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