Ahhh the grand daddy of all PI foos vernacular!!!

The "Gamelle!" occurs when a goal is scored with such force that the ball pops back out of the goal mouth. A number of ∏ house rules apply to the gamelle. Achieving the gamelle on the ∏ table is a considerable feat, and players who can regularly achieve it are much feared in the ∏ foos community. Often used as a means of forcing the crawl. A gamelle can be stopped by saving the gamelle, whereby the defending goalkeeper blocks the gamelle from crossing the goalkeeper's bar and puts it back into the goal.

Term Origin

Apparently, the gamelle is so named because it makes the sound of a french lunchbox.

Variations: the Bruno and the Nightmare

The Bruno, named after its pioneer, is a "self-gamelle" scored by the player against his own team. The nightmare is a gamelle scored from attack, which is recovered by the attacker, followed by another immediate goal, without any midfield play. Bruno's Nightmare is a combination of these two, that is, a Bruno followed by a Nightmare, for a net score of -2 to 3. Similar to the nightmare, there is the double nightmare, triple nightmare, and so on, where the attacker gets repeated gamelles before finally delivering the coup de grace.

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